destination wild: unknown europe

programme information


4 x 60'

Production Company

Produced by Off the Fence for National Geographic

Executive Producer

Andrew Zikking



Episode Information

Across a crowded continent, Europe's beasts - from the biggest to the tiny - battle to survive. The odds are tough. In a region of changing seasons, conditions can be extreme for those that brave the epic wildernesses. From thousands of isolated Greek Islands, to the snow covered peaks of the continent's highest mountains, and the blistering heat of Spain’s southern deserts to the frozen wasteland of the deepest Polish winter come untimate stories of curious animal characters. Whether predator or prey, the ever-changing challenges mean animals need to be savvy to eke out a living in Greece, Poland, Germany and the Iberian Peninsula. There’s infighting as Europe’s only ape clings on to an isolated outpost, beavers brave the ice and snow as their aquatic home freezes over for months, and the predators from eurasian wolves to the rare Iberian lynx are making a return to prowl Europe’s mountains and forests.

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