game of leopard thrones, a

Filmed over a ten year period, this is an in depth look at the leopard characters who live in Djuma Private Game Reserve, South Africa and their fascinating unfolding story once the Queen is no more.

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3 x 60'

Production Company

WildEarth TV for otf studios





Episode Information

The game is on! Who will be crowned the next leopard king and queen? t is the end of an era amongst the leopard royal family of Djuma Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands of South Africa. The Queen who has reigned for 13 years has passed on.

Kurhula has died leaving two vulnerable 13-month-old cubs, Xongile and Hosana. Thandi, the late queen’s oldest daughter takes her mother’s domain. Tingana accepts Thandi and they become parents to Tlalamba. Thandi finds callow Xongile. The fight is brutal and Xongile disappears.

As peace returns, Tingana takes ill, leaving his cubs and territory unprotected. Hosana is inexperienced and tiny Tlalamba is dangerously independent. Enter Hukumuri, a young male spoiling for a fight - a lethal threat to Tlalamba and Hosana.

Meanwhile, the recovering Duke scavenges from Hosana. Just as it seems Hukumuri will take the Dukedom, Tingana rallies. The Pretender beats a retreat and peace returns.

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