wild madagascar - fantastic creatures

Located off the coast of South-East Africa, Madagascar is home to some of the world’s most unusual species.

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Madagascar is located roughly 250 miles from Africa’s Southeast Coast. It is roughly the size of France, making it the world's fourth largest island. Isolated from the African mainland for over 160 million years, more than 250,000 different species of animal can be found here; 70% of which are found nowhere else on the planet. Madagascar supports the third largest coral reef system in the world; the Toliara reef system. Many species of fish are found here, as well as large mammals such as the Hawksbill Turtle. Further from the coast, Humpback whales arrive to mate, displaying elegant shows of courtship in the deep.

Returning to the island’s shoreline, thick, dense bush provides shelter and food for many of the island’s lemur species. Sifaka lemur leap 30ft through the air in fantastical displays of strength and agility. As night settles across the island, baby Flatid bugs come out to feed on the sap of the giant Baobab trees. Larger insects are soon attracted to the feasting, however they in turn attract the mouse lemur, who are quick to feed on the unsuspecting bugs. Many of Madagascar’s chameleon species are found nowhere else on the planet. With 360 degree vision, they can keep one eye out for predators, and another for potential prey. Accelerating 5 times faster than a fighter jet, the chameleon is capable of firing its tongue out at over 30ft per second, making it capable of catching even the fastest insects. Towards Madagascar's Northern tip, a network of deep caves provide the human inhabitants with a place of shelter & spirituality. Great beasts lurk in the shadows; the world’s biggest millipede lives here. But even bigger giants dwell in Madagascar’s darkness, the world's only cave crocodiles.

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