desert land of the middle east - wild frontier

The Middle East is home to some of the harshest environments on earth, despite this a surprising array of life can be found amongst its many landscapes and climates.

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1 x 60'

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Off the Fence





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The Middle East is where East meets West, a crossroad of continents; Europe, Asia and Africa. A great region made up of 22 individual countries, it is typically known for its iconic deserts, however there are many different habitats in this vast land; with a surprising array of life to be found. Desert Ants scurry across scorching Sahara sands, flocks of Greater Flamingo soar over saline lakes and merciless Ghost Crabs prey on Loggerhead Turtle hatchlings. The Middle East is also home to the Red Sea, one of the saltiest seas in the world, yet despite this, over ten per cent of this sea’s fish species are found nowhere else on the planet.The Middle East is truly as surprising as it is mysterious.

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