new kids in the wild (series 2)

Every stage of growing up is a matter of life or death...when you are tehe New Kids in the Wild!

programme information


5 x 60'

Production Company

Produced by Off the Fence for Love Nature/Blue Ant Media

Executive Producer

Allison Bean, Andrew Zikking, Debbie Hinnigan



Episode Information

New Kids in the Wild series 2 is heading to South America, a land rich in wildlife and some of the planet's most unique babies. We follow Rio, a giant river otter as he learns to swim for the first time, witness Frida, a jaguar cub, get lost and try to find her way back to her family, travel with Thiago and his coati clan as they navigate their urban jungle, witness Lola, our baby sea lion learn how to escape its greatest predator, the orca and see how Dora, our rarest baby, a southern muriqui monkey, learns all about life at the top of the treetop canopy.

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