destination wild: mediterranean

On land and at sea, predators and prey fight for survival in the wilds of the Mediterranean.

programme information


2 x 60'

Production Company

Produced by Off the Fence for National Geographic

Executive Producer

Allison Bean, Andrew Zikking



Episode Information

Beneath the veneer of pristine beaches and luxurious resorts, the Mediterranean unfolds as a complex and vibrant tapestry of wild habitats. Each hosts an extraordinary and, at times, brutal stage for its wild inhabitants. Ibex find refuge along towering sea cliffs, while Italian wolves patrol hunting trails high in the mountains. Below the surface, the crystal-clear waters harbour a wealth of marine life. Giant fin whales navigate the waves, cutting through the blue expanse, and ancient sea turtles glide through the depths, as they prepare to lay their eggs high up on the beaches. Yet, in the wilds of the Mediterranean, there are no guarantees. Even in paradise, the struggle for survival is an eternal and compelling force, shaping the destiny of the creatures that call this enchanting region home.

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