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Nature's Greatest Moments - Winter Shorts (Series 1)
Nature's Greatest Moments - Winter Shorts (Series 1) 8 x 5'
This chilled-out series considers the coolest animals on the planet. From deadly polar bears standing 10ft tall to the mountain parrots searching for food under the snow, macaques surviving at -15C and seals who scrape ice holes with their teeth, these are nature’s greatest moments.


8 x 5'

Episode Titles

Japanese Macaques – Monkeys in Snow Weddel Seals – Blubber Babies Wolves and Huskies – Strong Leadership
Arctic Fox – New Coat for Camouflage Caribou Emperor Penguin – Long Winter Wait
Kea – Mischievous Mountain Parrot Polar Bears

Production Company

Talking Pictures/Aquavision/Off the Fence/BR/WDR/NHNZ/Marco Polo Films





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