tutankhamun: a murder mystery

Two-years in the making Tutankhamun: A Murder Mystery tells the remarkable true story of Tutankhamun. It’s an irresistible whodunit for the 21st century where real life detectives hunt down real life ancient killers

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2 x 60'

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Atlantic Productions





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Egypt's boy-king Tutankhamun died in 1323 BC at the age of 18. But what were the circumstances surrounding his death? John Hurt narrates this fascinating documentary which attempts to shed some light on an ancient murder mystery.

Detectives Mike King and Greg Cooper reckon Tutankhamun was murdered. Using modern forensic techniques, they re-open this coldest of cases, crossing Egypt to find the evidence they believe will lead them to the truth. Dramatic reconstructions combined with CGI bring to life the extraordinary story of Tutankhamun, revealing a quite unfamiliar portrait of Egypt's most famous Pharaoh. The film suggests that Tutankhamun was an essentially powerless ruler, manipulated by his elders, who may well have benefited from his death.

King and Cooper draw on the knowledge of experts from a wide range of disciplines, including criminal profilers, forensic psychiatrists and medical examiners, as they reconstruct the events before and after the Pharaoh death. The crime may have occurred over 3,000 years ago, but there is no statute of limitations on murder.

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