asia's deadliest snakes

Venom doctor Bryan Fry explores Asia’s viper hot spots and comes fang to face on his mission to discover the killer cocktail of venom and violence needed to crown Asia’s Deadliest Snake.

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1 x 60'

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Beach House Pictures





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Snakes are one of the most feared creatures on the planet and Asia is a hotspot for bites! But which is the deadliest? And should we be truly afraid?

To find out, international venom doctor Bryan Fry travels the continent to come face-to-fang with some of the most dangerous snakes in Asia. His journey takes him from the laboratories of Singapore, to the beaches of Bali and deep into the jungles of India. He encounters snakes as diverse as vipers and sea kraits, cobras and coral snakes, each of them perfectly capable of taking a human life if it wanted to. But which one has the opportunity to be the perfect killer? Knowing the answer may one day save your life.

He aims to rate them and discover the perfect killer cocktail of venom and violence worth of the title of Asia’s deadliest snake.

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