wildest africa (series 2)

Back for a second series, this iconic series is a celebration of Africa’s most spectacular locations, showcasing the full African experience.

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9 x 60'

Production Company

Off the Fence





Episode Information

Africa is a land of epic natural spectacles and staggering beauty. It is also, truly, wild at heart. This landmark series, back for a second series, is a celebration of Africa’s most spectacular locations, showcasing the vast expansiveness of the African experience. We journey from the cradle of civilisation to the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world. We safari to see the Big Five, uncover secret locations, and fly high above the landscape for a different perspective. But no natural environment can ever be totally secure from change, and we also consider the threats to this iconically beautiful region. We capture the awesome cinematic range of Africa. From epic aerials to crystal-clear close-ups, wildlife has never looked this good. Sound design careens between a roaring waterfall and the intimate clicks and buzzes of the scorching desert. Ethnic music makes a rhythmical backdrop to the haunting calls of Africa’s rich aural texture. But this series doesn’t just present wildlife – it brings it to life, with the microscopic detail of the smallest ant, and the pounding heart of a lion.

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