chile 33, the

This is the untold story of the trapped 33 Chilean miners which became a huge global news story that touched the world.

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1 x 60'

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Huw Roberts





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On 5th August 2010, 33 miners were trapped nearly 700m below ground in the Atacama Desert, Chile. After 69 days underground, the miner’s dramatic rescue on the 13th October was watched by their anxious families and a global audience of many millions of well-wishers. This film charts the highs and lows of the rescue operation as step by step the rescuers planned and executed the miner’s release. Filmed before, during and after the rescue in the San Jose mine, we follow their hellish ordeal, remarkable bravery and eventual rescue, and reveal some damning evidence of negligence that may have led to the catastrophe at the mine. The documentary includes exclusive interviews with the miners themselves and explores their emotional journey through the 69-day ordeal. We also talk to the miner’s families, and to officials, politicians and rescuers. We reveal compelling evidence that naked greed and flawed safety procedure triumphed over worker well-being at the San Jose mine.

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