being san

Being San is about bringing The Great Dance - A remarkable film about the San Bushmen's interaction with their environment - to it’s own people.

programme information


1 x 15'

Production Company

An Aardvark | Earthrise | Liquid Pictures | Off the Fence






Montana CINE 2005, USA

Episode Information

DNA testing suggests that mankind descended from the San Bushmen, but there are only 100,000 San left in the world today. They have lived in Africa for over 40,000 years, surviving as hunter gatherers, but things are deteriorating fast. The majority of San now live in poverty, and are unemployed. Some do menial jobs, others try to make a living at the roadside selling arts and crafts. The Great Dance – a film about the San – was screened at the local centre, to an invited audience. Half way through the viewing, a San man called Rooikat asked for the video to be stopped. He disappeared and a few minutes later returned in his traditional loin cloth, accompanied by his wife Mieta. This remarkable film is the journey to show this historical community a glimpse of themselves. To show them the effect they’ve had on the world, and, with the right help, could still have.

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