weapons of mass disruption

Cyber space will be the 21st century battlefield. Our civilization is now dependent on, and vulnerable to, the Internet. In 2010, the most sophisticated malicious software ever written wreaked havoc at a uranium enrichment plant, and the game has forever changed. The virtual world and the physical world have come together, and the destruction is real.

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1 x 60'

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Northern Light Productions





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In September 2010, the world changed. It was discovered that a computer worm had burrowed its way into the control systems of uranium enrichment centrifuges in Iran, and caused them to self-destruct. Gone are the days when computer viruses bothered us with spam or caused problems in the mysterious world of ‘cyber space’. Tomorrow’s malware threats will be capable of destruction in the real world. Crime, sabotage, even warfare, will never be the same again. In this film, the world’s top cyber forensic analysts explain how the Stuxnet worm hunts for its target like a guided missile, evading defences and spiking its prey with surgical precision. They warn us of the vulnerability of industrial software systems that control the world’s nations’ infrastructure. What would happen to a society that loses electricity, communications or clean water for weeks, or even months? Weapons of Mass Disruption criss-crosses the world to trace the advent of the first cyber weapon—Stuxnet—and the serious implications it has for the security of us all.

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