secrets of big data

One of our definitive human traits - the collection and manipulation of data - holds promises and pitfalls for our future.
Data makes predictions possible and allows us to look for deeper meaning in the universe, but it is a double edged sword - bad data and biased data wreak untold havoc in our interactions.

6 x 60'

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A riveting new series exploring the most advanced, futuristic and future-proofed building projects since the turn of the millennium.

SCIENCE     8 x 60'

21st century superstructures

An exclusive, behind the scenes documentary following the construction of Proteus - the world’s first ‘underwater space station’.

SCIENCE     1 x 60'


From here to there - and into the future. Discover the hidden story of transportation tech set to move the world.

SCIENCE     6 x 60'

engineering evolved

These short films go beyond the headlines to uncover the human stories behind Europe’s biggest environmental threat.

SCIENCE     2 x 30'

europe's biggest lie

‘The Real Cost of Delivery’ explores how our obsession with convenience and addiction to consumption is killing the environment and asks what we can do to stop it?

SCIENCE     1 x 60'

real cost of delivery, the

More than a simple history of aviation, this series tells the story of the ‘Flying Knights’, aviators without whom these machines would remain inanimate objects, deprived of their chance to soar through the sky.

SCIENCE     4 x 60'

flying knights

A mind-blowing, myth-busting series uncovering the secrets and mysteries of marine wildlife.

SCIENCE     8 x 30'

ocean wonders (series 1)

Combining modern science with ancient First Nations knowledge, ‘The Endangered Generation?’ seeks new ways of thinking about the many problems facing our planet.

SCIENCE     1 x 90'

endangered generation, the?

Earth's Eternal Wonders' takes us to fascinating locations that give us unique insights into the history of the formation of our planet in very different ways.

SCIENCE     3 x 60'

earth's eternal wonders

This series explore's the top 20 extraordinary abilities creatures have evolved to make it in the animal kingdom.

SCIENCE     5 x 60'

nature's ultimate survivors

Back with 3 more episodes, comedic actor Chua Enlai continues on his zany, international exploration of artificial intelligence.

SCIENCE     3 x 60'

becoming human (series 2)

‘Future from Above’ takes us on a journey of discovery to find out how the world could look in 2050 - the defining year for our planet’s future - where “the climate fight” remains the consuming battle of our age.

SCIENCE     4 x 60'

future from above

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