Welcome to OTF Studios

OTF Studios is the commercial hub of Off the Fence, one of the world’s most respected names in non-fiction programming. We specialise in IP licensing, co-production, pre-sales, acquisitions, content investment and customised digital strategies for a wide range of clients, from legacy broadcasters to the new generation of FAST streamed services.

Content licensing

OTF Studios has more than 6,000 hours of premium non-scripted content on its books — content sourced from around the world and across the non-fiction spectrum. For ease of navigation, our titles are grouped into three content pillars: Yesterday (history), Today (natural history, travel and adventure, lifestyle, crime and impact) and Tomorrow (science).

But we offer more than a vast and varied catalogue of programming. We also bring three decades of experience in non-scripted distribution, along with established relationships with the world’s best factual producers. That not only secures our pipeline of world-class content, but it also ensures that our international sales team is across our clients’ needs, both creative and commercial.

For more information, please contact our sales team

Content investment, co-production and pre-sales

OTF Studios will step into a production at any stage of its life cycle. We can help you find that last tranche of investment to get a project over the line — or support you if a more complex co-production or pre-sale partnership is the best way forward. And we’re no strangers to the creative end of the business. We work closely with our own production company, which means we can bring editorial skills to the table. We provide development support from sizzle to screen, helping you to craft treatments, work through budgets, and manage physical production and delivery.


Are you a producer with a finished programme to distribute? Or do you have an idea in development that needs additional funding? Wherever you are on the journey from inspiration to realisation, our experienced acquisitions team can advise you on the best strategy for you and your project.

For more information, please contact our Aquisitions team

FAST and digital

OTF Studios is agile, reactive and independent. We understand that the digital media market moves fast, so we do too. That requires skill, flexibility and experience. Our team is committed to identifying opportunities and converting them into digital services for our growing band of FAST (free ad-supported streamed TV) channel clients.

For more information, please contact our Sales team

International content markets and travel

OTF Studios is a familiar face at the major non-scripted content markets — MIPTV, MIPCOM, Realscreen Summit, Sunnyside of the Doc, NATPE, Banff, Edinburgh, ATF, World Congress of Science & factual producers, to name but a few — connecting with old friends and colleagues, forging new contacts, and keeping on top of industry news, views, and trends. In addition, our team spends a lot of time on the road, visiting clients in their home markets and scouting new opportunities in unexplored territories.

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