little matters: spiders

Little Matters delves deep into the intricate and wonderful world of the spider.

programme information


1 x 60'

Production Company

Alvaro Mendoza Productions





Episode Information

The world of SPIDERS is as stunning as the one of insects which is our other chapter of this mini series, and both groups of animals go very much on parallel lines. "Spiders little matters" shows, among others, the five most dangerous and lethal species for human kind, but we also offer a very different side of this terrible beings. They are prodigious engineers, surprising hunters not always using silk or not always in the same way, and of course they are our main friend to keep insects in balanced numbers. Spiders are crucial for the ecosystems of the world and our own survivance. We will keep our eyes glued to the strangest sexual behaviour of the Mediterranean black widow, observe the incredible ways of defence of those tarantulas which throw clouds of little poisoned micro hairs to avoid predation or watch the construction of many different types of spider traps and how they work. We will end with some of the very maternal aspects of spider moms breeding their offspring even offering its body as protection, vehicle or even meal...

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