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Nature's Greatest Moments - Animal Antics - Birds & Habitats
Nature's Greatest Moments - Animal Antics - Birds & Habitats 20 x 5'
Natures Greatest Moments, brings us a shapshort into the antics of animals. In these 5 minute shorts we discovert the antics of birds and habitats, from vultures to penguins, from tropical islands to desert life, all is covered.


20 x 5'

Episode Titles

Vulture culture - Vultures Penguins Plight - Penguins Weaving About - Weavers
Lord of the Skies - Eagles Fast and Furious - Raptors In the Pink - Flamingos
Birds of a Feather - Ostriches No Mans Land - Inter-tidal zone Beneath the trees - Rain forests
Flower Power - Fynbos Water Worlds - Ponds On the Plains - Savannah landscapes
A Handful of Dust - Desert Life Call of the Running Tide - Estuaries Water - Source of Life
The Height of Life - Mountains Island Rhythms - Tropical Islands The Night Shift - Nocturnal
Urban Terror - Urban Animals Water Looms - Rivers

Production Company

Talking Pictures/Aquavision/Off the Fence/BR/WDR/NHNZ/Marco Polo Films





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