destination wild: wild argentina

This series explores the natural landscape of Argentina and its extraordinary wildlife.

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3 x 60'

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Off the Fence





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Few countries in South America boast having such contrast and variety. Diverse habitats such as Patagonia’s bleak steppe, soaring Andean snowcaps, vast salt pans, lush rainforest around Iguazu Falls, steamy marshlands of Iberá, and grasslands of the Pampas support an astonishing range of wildlife – from penguins, whales and seals to condors, armadillos and guanacos. This is Wild Argentina, a large country that spans a great distance between north and south. Where geographic changes along with the latitude give the country microclimates. Where animals and plant life are very extraordinary as many species are native to Argentina and many others made their ways to the country from nearby countries and regions in pre-historic times. The diverse landscape in the country encourages mountain, water, and plains animals to call the country home. Limited Rights Available: Worldwide Free TV Only

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