story of the great desert wanderers, the

This film explores the exceptionality of the Namib desert and its surrounds and introduce viewers to the marvels of this region, showcasing its hostile nature and the ingenious adaptation of the plant and animal life to their inhospitable home.

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1 x 60'

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Insync Productions





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About 80 million years old, almost completely barren with less than 10mm of rainfall annually, measuring about 50 000 sq km; this is the Namib desert, an arid and hostile land – yet it is home to many unique creatures and those who inhabit her must adapt to her rules. Located in the Kaokoland region of the Namib Desert, the elephant has become a master of desert survival, adapting its behaviors, feeding patterns and employing basic survival strategies in order to preserve both, energy and resources thus ensuring the animal’s longevity. The film showcases the environment in which these elephants live and how they have learnt to settle into the constantly changing environment they live in. A life that they have had to become accustomed to, to ensure their survival and to preserve their home.

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