how to catch a crocodile

Think you’ve got what it takes to catch a crocodile? Meet the brave team of crocodile researchers who trap and sample these enormous reptiles who will convince you otherwise.

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1 x 30'

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NHU Africa





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Think you’ve got what it takes to catch a crocodile?! This unbelievable look at a how a brave team of crocodile researchers trap and sample these enormous reptiles will convince you otherwise… Aliki Strydom and her research team are very brave and very daring. Wrangling huge crocodiles on a daily basis, they work from a rustic bush camp in the heart of the Okavango Delta. This stunning wilderness is nourished by the legendary Okavango river - the life blood of the region. The research team are studying the crocodiles’ role as a keystone species in the local eco-system. Many of the local people are understandably terrified by these living dinosaurs that kill their cattle and sometimes even their children. The research team desperately need to gather more information on the crocodiles to be used in a management strategy to help the locals see this vital species as an asset rather than a threat. ‘How to Catch a Crocodile’ reveals the mind-blowing lengths that Aliki will go to collect her samples. From setting traps with rotten donkey meat, to all night capturing sessions, she is always on the go. Watching her wrestling a 4 metre long crocodile into submission with a noose is an impressive sight, but you only truly realise the measure of Aliki as she inserts her whole hand into a crocodile in search of the all important urine sample!

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