giant pink 's': a story of survival, the

This film records the story of an artifical island in Kimberely, South Africa and its lesser flamingos, its unprecedented success in stopping their decline in numbers , and the obstacles threatening its future.

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1 x 30'

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NHU Africa





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Lesser Flamingo numbers are declining, so ornithologist Mark Anderson came up with the idea of constructing an artificial breeding island for the birds in Kimberley, South Africa. A local mining company agreed to help with the construction of a giant S-shaped island. The birds accepted the island as their home, and in their first successful breeding season, over 9000 chicks hatched. As a result the project has received world wide acclaim. But this great success story was soon obscured, as raw sewage was being pumped straight into the dam and the largest ever housing development on its banks was green lighted. This film records the story of the island and its flamingos, its unprecedented success, and the obstacles threatening its future.

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