nature of life

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1 x 60'

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Foster Brother Film Productions





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The Nature of Life is an epic documentary feature film that will provide solutions to humanity’s greatest challenge yet - Global Climate Change. So far all we have heard is that climate change is the biggest ever environmental crisis and that it has been caused by our unsustainable approach to living. The Nature of Life, however, sets out as a great inspired clarion call to humanity, telling us that there is hope and that there are ways to adapt to and overcome this crisis. This documentary encapsulates a vision of hope that stems from the heart of Africa and expands globally, highlighting ground-breaking examples of sustainable development all over the world, inspired by the examples of Africa and the natural world. The microcosm of the “cradle of civilisation”, Africa, will spill into the entire world, introducing the audience to a group of extraordinary humans and companies who are challenging past models of sustainability and creating a new legacy of elegant design, technology, and rediscovered indigenous wisdom.

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