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We follow Namibian conservationists Dr Dudie van Vuuren and his wife Marlice as they travel the length and breadth of Namibia to meet up with other conservationists and researchers.

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13 x 30'

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Homebrew Film Company





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Marlice van Vuuren grew up on the Harnas wildlife sanctuary in Namibia. It was here that she developed her love for wildlife, especially the injured, orphaned and ‘problem’ animals. After completing her studies, she and her husband Rudie started Naankuse, a wildlife sanctuary near Namibia’s capital. We follow their compelling conservation efforts - from saving the life of a baby baboon to collaring majestic desert elephants.

Episode Titles

Elephants Cheetahs Rhino's & Zebra's
Wild Dog & Hyena Marlice & her mother A Day in te Life of Rudie
Tommy Collard A Day in the Life of Marlice Costal Conservation
Harnas Baboons Lions
Kids in Conservation

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