bitcoin big bang

This is the story of Mark Karpelès and the disappearance of 850,000 Bitcoins, the equivalent of a half Million Dollars.

programme information


1 x 104'

Production Company

@BrainWorks 2018





Episode Information

On August 1, 2015, Mark Karpelès exits his luxurious home in Tokyo under police escort. Hiding his face under a cap he wears a carefully chosen t-shirt: "Effortless French”. Hours later, Mark is indicted and imprisoned for forgery of computer data and embezzlement in connection with the disappearance in February 2014 of 850'000 Bitcoins, the equivalent of a half Million Dollars. Mark ran MTGox, the company responsible for this financial disaster and the biggest platform for virtual currency exchange, managing 80% of global transactions. He remains in pre-trial detention for the next year until the Japanese decides to release him, for lack of evidence. Mark is finally free to prove his innocence and this is his story. Written and Directed by: Vincent Gonon & Xavier Sayanoff

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