epic safari encounters

Join Kristina Guberman as she takes you on a tour of some of the most fascinating and incredible safari destinations in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

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26 x 30'

Production Company

Goddunnit Promotions





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This fascinating safari adventure series is presenter led by charismatic travel presenter, Kristina Guberman. Kristina visits incredible safari destinations in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa), engaging with some of the finest wildlife guides on the planet as they lead her on fascinating safaris and epic experiences. Zimbabwe is arguably one of the wildest wildlife destinations left on the planet and Kristina will very quickly show you why. Most of her wild encounters are done on foot, the best way to enjoy a true safari experience. The cross section of this gem of a country is so diverse, ranging from mountain top forests to massive lake Kariba, the mighty Zambezi river, majestic Victoria Falls and vast low veld savannah areas. Each episode is so unique, highlighting the main attractions at each epic destination as well as getting to know the amazing characters of each professional guide, some humorous, some dead serious, but always entertaining. Over all, a truly engaging reality adventure series with something for everyone to enjoy.

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