kanga pan: an african horror story

At the haven of a water oasis, a predator lurks, tormenting the resident animals.

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1 x 60'

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Goddunnit Promitions





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“Kanga Pan – An African Horror Story” is a spine-chilling, one-off wildlife documentary, the first of its kind. A relatively unknown inland waterhole in Mana Pools National Park, Kanga Pan is a gathering point for a melting pot of wildlife species. On the surface, it looks like a peaceful oasis, offering the cooling refreshment of water and bathing. During the dry months of the year, Kanga Pan provides the only source of water for resident wildlife populations for many miles around, making it a hive of activity, while many friendly, and not so friendly, animal species meet face to face. But there is a hidden terror lurking in the shadows, a predator tormenting as a multitude of wildlife species approach to quench their thirst. Who is the killer on the loose? Who is terrorising the pan? An investigation needs to be undertaken. The one-hour film narrated from the point of view of one of the waterhole residents, a mature male baboon. As the dry season progresses, the baboon begins to notice that various animals are going missing, and it is not long before the murdered bodies of these animals are discovered. It is clear then that there is a killer on the loose; a predator has entered the fray. Our baboon leads an investigation to discover who the killer is, so that he can protect himself, his kind, and the other neighbouring herbivores that must frequent the pan. As the killings continue, more shreds of evidence are discovered, until one night he witnesses a killing first hand. He discovers that the killers who have been tormenting them for most of the season are a resident pride of lion. Can the baboon protect himself and his troop until the imminent arrival of the first rains, at which point all of the animals will finally disperse, including the predators? Now that he knows his enemy, our baboon feels reasonably sure that he can take the appropriate measures to protect his family. But he has overlooked the possibility that there could be more than one killer, and due to this error in judgement, he ends up paying the ultimate price, coming face to face with a different silent stalker …. the formidable leopard. This docu-horror will take viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride, as they speculate about, “who done it” until the very last scene.

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