outpatients (series 2)

Aesthetic medicine takes centre stage as Dr Cathy Davies transforms the lives of ordinary people and celebrities in Outpatients.

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13 x 60'

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NV Studios





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Back for a second series, Dr Cathy, one of South Africa’s leading hair restoration medical practitioners, and has done hundreds of transplants from celebrities, all the way to the country’s leading business executives. But her real passion lies in helping those in need. Dr Cathy has dedicated her practice to giving patients with extraordinary cases, a second chance at life. South Africa is a country with a huge amount of stories and patients who are in need of help. But they don’t know where to look. Sometimes hidden away with shame, and shunned by their communities, there sometimes feels like no hope. Cathy and her team get stores like these that include burn victims, encephalocele, transgender formation, facial paralysis and much more, and dedicate all their extra time in helping these patients by doing whatever they can to give them a better chance at living. Every patient has a story, every procedure has it’s challenges, and every outcome has it’s rewards.

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