fixers, the (series 1)

This series show four passionate builders, in ten remote locations, with one mission: to improve lives.

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This series shows four passionate builders, in ten remote locations, with one mission: to improve lives. The Fixers are leading the charge, traveling the world and donating their expertise, offering their services to bring a sense of wellbeing to places all too familiar with hardship. Whether it's drilling a well in Nicaragua, building a vocational school in Mexico or creating a recycling center in Peru, the Fixers do whatever it takes—saving the world, one build at a time. Millions of people are born into poverty—into places lacking fundamental human resources. Alleviating the world of humanitarian inequality and injustice on a basic level is a massive and endless project—but every step in the effort to help those in need, brings us closer to finding a global anodyne—a way to improve everyone’s quality of life. From building a mechanics for an orphanage, to providing a reliable source of fresh water to a community unable to afford proper sanitation and hygiene programs, the Fixers will do whatever it takes to do good in a world overshadowed by bad circumstance. Each episode will follow our small group of Fixers (four experts in their respective fields) as they travel to an area in need. Once on the ground, they’ll meet with the people—immerse themselves into the community to determine the root problem. Understanding the best way to tackle core issues often requires our team to embed themselves—to experience the problems first hand—while simultaneously gaining a deep appreciation for the local peoples and cultures.

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