shipping the world

Shipping the World explores the cutting edge, supersized world of today’s shipping industry.

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4 x 60'

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WildBear Entertainment





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For thousands of years we have traded by sea. Oceans that were once the great frontier of adventurers, braving unchartered waters to discover new worlds and wonders. In the past few hundred years, explorers have ventured out into the unknown, forging a path to a multibillion dollar industry in the 21st century. Today, 95% of the world’s cargo is moved on ships. More than 50,000 container ships, bulk carriers and tankers traverse great expanses of water to bring a world of manufactured goods to our fingertips. These immense vessels represent our most incredible feats of engineering and technological ingenuity. A testament to our will to tame the elements and expand our reach. A powerful driving force behind one of the world’s first truly global industries. Shipping the World explores the cutting edge, supersized world of today’s shipping industry. A story that is part science, part social history. Of how our amazing inventive spirit, and our willingness to dream big built one of the largest industries in the world. An industry that moved around US$12 trillion worth of goods in 2017. 60% of which was in containers. Across four one-hour episodes, we will explore everything that defines this industry – from the ports to the people. Revealed through stunning visuals and astonishing facts and figures. Fascinating archival footage will reveal the remarkable scale and mechanics of the ships and ports that make modern sea shipping possible. World leading experts and narration will take us deeper into the world of shipping than we have been before. Dynamic CGI and data visualisation will bring to life the scale and complexity of vessels, the science of modern ports, and the diverse routes that connect them.

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