chris gets money

Comedian Chris Cubas has always been poor, until now. He's given 30 days to live like the 1 percent, infiltrate the elusive super-wealthy of Austin, Texas, and investigate why the poor stay poor and the rich keep getting richer.

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1 x 60'

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Avalon/Fusion Original Production





Episode Information

Chris Cubas ia a comic, and one of the working poor in Austin TX - among the most wealth-segregated cities in the country. As the divide between rich and poor continues to grow in Austin, and the country as a whole, Chris has a plan to find out why. He's going to become a one percenter for a month. He's got 30,000 dollars and 30 days to spend it, using that money to gain access to the 1 percent he knows nothing about to see why the rich are getting richer while the poor stay poor. However, he soon finds out it takes a lot more than money, clothes, or golf course schmoozing to get a nouveau, and temporarily, rich comedian into the inner circle.

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