dreaming of the whitest christmas

Celebrate Christmas with the Trumps at the White House in this animated special which reimagines the Christmas Classics starring the Trump Family. Adolf the Alt-Right Reindeer, Trumpy the climate-change denying snowman and more.

programme information


1 x 30'

Production Company

Fusion Original Production





Episode Information

Dreaming of the Whitest Christmas re-imagines some of the Christmas classics in the age of Trump. In Adolf the Alt-Right Reindeer, Rudi must overcome the prejudices of the White Stags to save Christmas and escape the North Pole. Trumpy the Climate-Change denying Snowman finds out a hard lesson about the real price of global warming. In A Christmas Carol, President Trump meets Barack Obama, the Ghost of Christmas Past; Sara Huckabee Sanders, The Ghost of Christmas Present, and Vladimir Putin, The Ghost of Christmas yet to come. Finally, in the Book of Donald, the birth of the immigrant baby Jesus, a black, Mexican, Jewish child, causes strife throughout the kingdom.

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