Sex.Right.Now is talking all things Period, about how both women and men are still shockiling in the dark about menstrual cycles.

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7 x 30'

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Fusion Original Production





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At least half the world can relate to having a period every month, but both women and men are still shockingly in the dark about menstrual cycles. We know you’re talking about periods with your friends, so we’re talking about them here—and setting the record straight. Fusion’s Cleo Stiller finds out what happens when men try a menstrual cramp simulator, and asks: Are tampons toxic?. We meet women using legal weed to treat their period pain and get schooled by famed musician Madame Gandhi on activist “free bleeding”.

Episode Titles

A Period Piece How Breasts Became Boobs Love Right Now
How Did You Learn About Sex? All About Orgasms Body Positive
The Virginity Episode

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