titanic: into the heart of the wreck

‘Titanic: Into the Heart of the Wreck’ brings together six heroes of Titanic exploration to tell us about their extraordinary underwater odysseys and their missions aimed at preserving the last remains of the Titanic.

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1 x 60' or 1 x 90'

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Bleu Kobalt





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For the last 35 years, they have been exploring the most mythical wreck in the world, but now 108 years after it sank, the Titanic is under threat. Resting at over 12,500 feet below sea level and 380 nautical miles off the coast of Newfoundland, in pitch darkness, the most famous shipwreck in the world is being consumed by a colony of iron-eating bacteria. This slow and irreversible decay, according to the most concerned experts, will sweep away all the secrets of the mythic liner within a few decades. With a new approach, this documentary relates the underwater odyssey of the greatest Titanic expeditions and the evolution of the most scrutinized shipwreck in the world. From the epic discovery of the wreck by a French-American team in 1985 (after some twenty failed attempts) to the exploratory missions led by James Cameron, who managed to light the wreck scene like a Hollywood film set and venture inside the ship thanks to remotecontrolled robots, and to the treasure hunts that brought back over 5,000 vestiges—we’ll be able to experience the unequaled thrill of these extreme dives. For the first time ever, five heroes of Titanic exploration will invite us to relive their fabulous adventures and missions aiming to preserve the last remains of the Titanic: James Cameron (film director and explorer), Lori Johnston (biologist studying the bacterial attack on the Titanic), Anatoly Sagalevich (engineer, submersible designer), Paul-Henry Nargeolet (expeditions director who led 7 Titanic missions) and Jean-Louis Michel (co-discoverer of the wreck for IFREMER). 4K available upon request.

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