oceans africa

Meet the crew of the Angra Pequena, a team of experts dedicating their lives to the safeguarding of the marine ecosystem off the coast of African.

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3 x 60'

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Off the Fence/Wildlife Enterprises Ltd





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Africa boasts one of the richest and most diverse coastlines in the world. To the west lies the cold Atlantic Ocean, where a great upwelling provides nutrients to fuel life in incredible abundance. To the east, the Indian Ocean offers warmer waters where coral reefs flourish and tropical species thrive. The coast is a magnet for marine life - from enormous colonies of seals and seabirds, to patrolling sharks. Despite the abundance and variety of life, the creatures here are feeling widespread pressures from man. Depleted fish stocks force seals to hunt birds they share their rocky islands with; turtles mistake floating plastic for food, and sharks are killed in nets erected to protect swimmers. In the face of increasing pressure from people, life along this coast needs help. Luckily there is a team of experts who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding this marine ecosystem and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it. The crew of the Angra Pequena includes scientists, conservationists and passionate volunteers. Their mission is to protect and conserve our planet’s waters. From remote outer reefs in the Indian Ocean to popular South African surf beaches - ‘Oceans Africa’ is an insightful and exciting visual experience.

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