code breaker, the (nhu) (series 1)

Human body language specialist Nicola Kelleher and wildlife expert Craig van Zyl decode the silent communications of amazing African animals.

programme information


3 x 60'

Production Company

Goddunnit Promotions / NHU Africa





Episode Information

From tiny primates to big cats, this fascinating series follows Nicola and Craig on their groundbreaking mission to unlock the mystery of animal body language. With diverse habitats and a wide variety of species, Zimbabwe offers the perfect location. Is it possible to apply our knowledge of human body language to wild animals? With 15 years’ guiding experience in the African bush, and a degree in animal science, Craig’s real-world experience is the perfect complement to Nicola’s theoretical expertise. By looking at animals’ actions in terms of their sub-conscious intentions, this journey of discovery takes our understanding of animal communications to a whole new level. Watch as Craig cracks the code of the incredible truth behind the mystery of animal body language.

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