curb your carbon

Curb Your Carbon, hosted and narrated by an award-winning Hollywood actor, reveals the simple and effective ways we can all help fight climate change.

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1 x 60' or 1 x 52'

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Infield Fly Productions Inc





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'Curb Your Carbon' travels the world to uncover 10 things we can do right now to fight climate change -- think waste less food, eat less meat and eat more bugs. But instead of depressing us with the worst-case scenario, 'Curb Your Carbon' shows us how to cut billions of tonnes of C02 with a little help from: - A German racing driver who never hits the gas - A Canadian family of garbage stealing Ninjas - A bug exterminator who eats crickets, grasshoppers and scorpions - A team of tree-planting Moms in Kenya - And a culinary double dare involving a New Zealand rugby team and a mob of methane-producing sheep – don’t ask This show also unveils extraordinary animations that transform climate change stats into numbers that make sense. Rather than talk about “a tonne of CO2,” 'Curb Your Carbon' will turn it into an actual weight and drop it on a car. 'Curb Your Carbon' may be irreverent, but it also provides a clear blueprint for fighting climate change: Working together we have the power to cut C02 emissions, give our beautiful planet a break and save ourselves in the bargain.

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