mountain rivals

Never before have Black Eagles bred twice in one season - meaning they have more mouths to feed - this is the true story of their desperate struggle for survival.

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1 x 60'

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Clyde Films & Off the Fence






Grand Prize Bird

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In the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa, the black eagle rules the skies. The solitary caracal is a night hunter and one of the most efficient cats on earth. The rival predators compete for the same prey. When an early spring brings the promise of abundance, a pair of black eagles takes a gamble. With a two month-old eaglet still on the nest, Emoyeni and Quatele mate again. For the first time ever recorded, black eagles attempt to breed twice in one season. The second clutch will be born as the summer grows hotter and hotter. The following winter, we return to find that nature has restored itself. Our pair of eagles is on the nest with not two but three newly hatched chicks. Last season, they were the first black eagles known to attempt double-brooding. Now, they are the first on record to have three chicks in one clutch. Emoyeni and Quatele are very ambitious birds!

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