meet the marsupials

Marsupials are as diverse as they are unusual; carrying their young in a pouch and hopping, climbing and digging their way across the outback they are some of the most fascinating creatures you’re likely to meet.

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1 x 60'

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Doclights GmbH / Naturfilm





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Few countries have a more iconic representative in the animal kingdom than Australia and the marsupial. Once marsupials were found across the planet, but over time they found their way to the outback, leaving Australia as an ark carrying the future of pouch mammals. As varied as they are unusual, marsupials are a weird and wonderful mob of animals who carry their young in a pouch. Whether hopping, climbing or even airborne, marsupials are some of the strangest but most fascinating creatures you’re likely to meet. The marsupials’ incredible breeding strategy has helped them master many lifestyles and diets, overcoming everything the changing planet has thrown at them. From the bold kangaroo to the cuddly koala and stout wombat, marsupials’ ability to diversify promises to keep them digging, hunting and hopping for millennia to come.

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