engineering evolved

From here to there - and into the future. Discover the hidden story of transportation tech set to move the world.

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6 x 60'

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Go Button Media / otf studio





Episode Information

"Engineering Evolved" is an illuminating expedition into the fascinating world of transportation. As 7.8 billion individuals traverse the globe, modes of travel have evolved into intricate networks of technology. This series unveils these wonders one episode at a time, delving into the engineering feats that power our daily lives.

From the speed demons of high-speed trains to the enigmatic depths of submarines, "Engineering Evolved" captures the essence of each mode of transit. By leveraging mesmerizing CGI, archival footage, and expert insights, the series unearths the stories behind iconic vehicles. These episodes reveal secrets like the birth of electric vehicles and the revolution of submarine navigation. Historians and engineers guide us through the fascinating narratives of inception, design, and modernization, showcasing the brilliant minds behind these technological marvels.

As we unravel the mysteries of each episode, we encounter the symbiotic relationship between transportation and history. Small innovations from the past continue to ripple through time, influencing the standards we uphold today. The show embraces the fusion of past, present, and future, highlighting how these modes of transit have seamlessly integrated into our lives. In a world where movement is perpetual, "Engineering Evolved" sparks curiosity about the dynamic evolution of transportation and its ever-evolving role.

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