cassandra prophecy, the

The untold story of Project Cassandra, launched in 2008 by the Drug Enforcement Administration to investigate how Hezbollah turned cocaine trafficking and money.

programme information


3 x 60' or 1 x 90'

Production Company

Zygote Films, Megafun and Gebruder Beetz Filmprodiktion





Episode Information

It’s been one of the most breathtaking global operations in recent years. Project Cassandra, a series of secret global operations, led by the U.S. DEA, targeted drug trafficking and money laundering activity, carried out by Hezbollah and Iranian operatives. At the peak of success, and just before the signing of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, all investigations were mysteriously stopped, and suspects were released. This story didn’t hit the media, until Jack Kelly, a DEA special agent, began to speak out. Kelly, along with Politico journalist, Josh Meyer, take us through the drugs and money laundering ratlines, and how it was all part of a grand narco- terror financial scheme. This docu-series is suspenseful as fiction and more exciting by far.

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