jungle guardian

Jungles contain up to 90% of the world’s plant and animal species: flowering plants, trees, birds, fungi, reptiles, fish – their range and beauty is absolutely staggering.

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1 x 60'

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Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm





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Jungles are found all across the tropics, from South America and Central Africa to Asia. An area equivalent to ten football pitches could house 1500 flowering plants, 50 species of tree, 400 kinds of bird and 150 varieties of butterfly. And this is even before you consider the countless other insects, fungi, reptiles and fish – the range and beauty found in rainforests is staggering.

All life in the rainforest exists in a delicate balance; remove one species and another will fail. That is why we must fight so hard to preserve every aspect of them. Humans benefit directly from the rainforest too; a quarter of out medicines and many of our foods originate in the jungle.

It is clear that what affects the rainforest, its wildlife and its plant life, affects us all deeply. The fate of the jungle will dictate our own; both are in our hands.

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