coasts - rolling with the waves

The coast can be a rewarding habitat for some of our most loved and dramatic wildlife; welcome to the surf zone!

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1 x 60'

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Doclights GmbH & NDR Naturfilm





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We love our coasts: that place where we feel the power and beauty of the ocean without getting out of our depth. It’s just as popular a place with animals too, including some of the most loved and dramatic. But it can also bring challenges: pounding storms, dramatic waves and the endless march of the tides. For many animals, though, this is a risk well worth taking.

The corridor of water where the open ocean transitions into coastal habitat is known as the surf zone. The churning forces of the waves clashing with the land make these some of the most food-rich waters on Earth. Nutrients are both washed off the coast from rain and rivers, but also pushed up from the depths thanks to waves and currents. Animals often come to exploit these resources, returning to the surf zone to feed, breed or even make their permanent home. .

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