female spies: courage and espionage in wwii

A six part archive-driven series on the heroics and villainy of WWII spies, with women at the centre of high-risk operations.

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6 x 60'

Production Company

Perpetual Entertainment





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This series tells the stories of talented women spies that overcame inherent sexism to put their lives on the line for their countries. Their espionage efforts helped turn the tides of World War II. They were dropped behind enemy lines, conducted highly classified missions, gathered crucial intelligence, smuggled people and supplies, and even committed assassinations. They were hunted, hounded, tortured and executed for their efforts. Each episode will focus on 6 women in a specific warzone or time period and delve into their compelling stories. Unfortunately, not all the spies were on the Allies' side. There are plenty of Axis spies who committed remarkable acts of espionage. Expert interviews and concise historical narration make this an addictive watch that will captivate audiences around the world.

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