forging fate: the disappearing art dealer

This thrilling documentary delves into the exhilarating yet murky world of high-end art, telling the astonishing story of Inigo Philbrick, an enigmatic art prodigy. Philbrick's journey from a revered art dealer to a notorious swindler is as dramatic as it is scandalous.

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1 x 60'

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Enderley Pictures Ltd





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Philbrick's meteoric rise in the art scene was marked by his acute knowledge and an uncanny ability to access and sell high-value contemporary art. For years, he lived a life many could only dream of, with private jets, luxury yachts, and exclusive parties attended by the who's who of the art world, including his glamorous reality star wife. However, behind his charm and polished exterior was a mastermind of deception. He defrauded art dealers, collectors, and artists out of millions through elaborate schemes involving fake deals, counterfeit artworks, and stolen identities. Philbrick's success, built on a fragile house of cards, started to falter as his fraudulent activities began to surface. The documentary intricately explores how Philbrick's world unravelled. Facing mounting pressure and exposure, he made a dramatic escape to Vanuatu, an island in the South Pacific. In a bizarre twist of fate, he found himself living a radically different life, far from the glitz and glamour he was accustomed to, reigning as an eccentric 'king' among local dogs. As his empire of lies began to crumble, a staggering web of intrigue, betrayal, and scandal was exposed, sending shockwaves through the art world. The documentary vividly brings to life the high-stakes, secretive nature of the art market and the devastating impact of Philbrick's actions on his victims. Through interviews with insiders, archival footage, and re-enactments, "Forging Fate" provides an enthralling look at one of the most audacious art frauds of the century, offering viewers a window into a world where beauty and deceit are often inextricably intertwined.

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