secrets of greatest escape artists

A salute to escape artistry that reveals the secrets behind how the world’s most death-defying escapes are actually performed.The clock is ticking as these phenomenally fearless performers must free themselves before they drown, suffocate or collide with the earth at terminal velocity!

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1 x 60'

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Film Garden Entertainment





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The clock is ticking. The fearless performer must free himself before he drowns, suffocates or collides with the earth! Join us for a celebration of escape artistry, as we the secrets behind the world’s most death-defying escapes.
A daring escape artist is sealed in a solid steel box and submerged beneath three feet of ice in a frozen lake. Fighting chains, locks, handcuffs, lack of oxygen and hypothermia, he must fight his way free to avoid certain death! Next, a fearless skydiver is shackled, chained and thrown from a plane to plummet from an altitude of 13,500ft. While freefalling out of control, he must rip through his restraints to pull his rip cord and parachute to safety.
What drives people to such dangerous lengths? What is the thrill they get? And is it really as safe as they claim?

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