medical challenges

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13 x 30'

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Four Luck Banana





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These are the breath-taking stories about the struggle of patients and doctors to unravel the strangest of illnesses. Like a detective story, we follow central characters whose illnesses seem to be impossible to diagnose and their doctors who will explain the paths of research they followed, as well as the obstacles they faced on the road to diagnosis.

Episode Titles

Sjögren’s Syndrome & Restless Leg Syndrome Urine Retention & Wegener Syndrome Dystonia Parkinsonism & The Bragado Case
Cyst Disease & Lupus The Joubert Syndrome & Allergy to Latex Macrodactylia & Huntingdon’s Disease
Giant Tumour & Marfan Syndrome Budd-Chiari Syndrome & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Guillain Barré Syndrome & Coeliacs
Kennedy Syndrome & Tourette Syndrome Andrenoleukodystrophy & Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Infectious Spondylodiscitis & Brugada Syndrome
Glaucoma Cornea Tattoo & Arnold Chiari Syndrome

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