life stories

The biggest show on Earth is wildlife in action, fighting, communicating, building, loving, breeding, and eating, the basic animal behaviours and this series explores them all, one by one.

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11 x 60'

Production Company

Alvaro Mendoza Productions





Episode Information

The biggest show on Earth is wildlife in action. Fight, communicate, build, love, breed or simply hunt, eat, and dressing up, are the basic animal behaviours. This series treat them all, one by one. Life stories full of passion violence or tenderness will reveal many of our planet neighbours. From jellyfish to elephants, from ants to lions… We will see some unknown species, and others that are common even that live among us but which behaviours convert them in surprising beings with marvelous adaptations! We are showing the wonders of the animal world, in ten epic chapters. YOP: 2012 - 2015

Episode Titles

Caring for Life Fighting for Life Dressing for Life
Eating for Life Loving for Life Lying for Life
Building for Life Friends for Life Talking for Life
Behaviour for Life: Life Stories Special Sleeping for Life

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