pretty fish (series 1)

This sumptuous, award-winning series features recipes for a delicious array of fish and shellfish dishes.

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10 x 30'

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This sumptuous, this award winning, unique and quirky cooking and lifestyle program where different types of fish dishes are prepared with by an award winning Icelandic chef. The whole process, from capturing the fish to preparing it, serving it and enjoying it in good company is documented. Pretty Fish is an Icelandic program on seafood and how to prepare it. In each of the episode one type of seafood is introduced, including lobster, shellfish, cod, sushi, salmon, arctic char and so on. We go out and catch some of the ingredients, cook it (or not) and serve. Sveinn Kjartansson, a renowned Icelandic chef, hosts the show. Aslaug Snorradottir, photographer and food stylist, assists him. Together they invite people to a feast, or visit people to offer them a taste. The show is shot in Icelandic nature, at sea and in the homes of Sveinn and Aslaug’s guests.

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