close to death

Animal hibernation is a near-death like experience where some can temporarily stop their hearts and brains, whilst others can deep-sleep for months at a time. As we explore these natural phenomena we discover that this lifestyle is not without risk.

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1 x 60'

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Genera Doc Wildlife S.L. aka Alvaro Mendoza Productions





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Sleep is sometimes the only way to survive. But deepest sleeps are sometimes dangerous, too close to death… Diapausa, hibernation or estivation are complicated biostrategies that allow life to travel through time, when time becomes hard… Living in our planet is not always easy. The paradise has its extrems and every living being seeks everywhere for a new land to conquer… But that means creating surprising adaptations. Plants do resit seasonal freezing or heating. Animals do too, but they have learnt to stop their hearts and even their brain activity, they have developed crio substances to avoid their cells from explosion. Embrios are the real masters when it comes to pause life. The artemia eggs can sleep maybe 1000 years awaiting for rain in the driest territories… The seeds of the pharaohs have resisted 7.000 springs in the dark of a tomb but alive. Metamorphosis of insects, fishes and amphibians in the mud, may bacteria travel through the universe on the remains of their planets?

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