nature's greatest moments - bat woman

Meet the 'The Bat Woman of Panama' who living deep in the jungle, on an island thathas been cut of from the mainline for almost 100 yeas, are uncover the secrets of the ingenious creatures that have made it their home.

programme information


1 x 10'

Production Company

Talking Pictures/Aquavision/Off the Fence/Br/WDR/NHNZ/Marco Polo Films



Episode Information

Deep in the Jungle of Panama Lies an Island full of mysteries. For almost 100 years it has been cut off from the mainland, and in that time ingenious creatures have made it their home and we’re not just talking about the animals. Each night a group of women gather to uncover the secrets of the night. They seek knowledge only darkness can reveal - they are ‘The Bat Woman of Panama' and thanks to the tireless work of the batwomen these wonders are revealed.

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